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21 Common Mistakes Website Owners Make With Their Websites Plus How To Avoid Them

We wrote this report because, in the past 16 years, we have observed 21 serious mistakes Websites Owners make that hinder them from fully achieving the objectives they have for their websites and their companies/organizations.

You as a current/intending Website Owner should avoid these potential website pitfalls and put into action the recommendations we are offering in this report to achieve the utmost from your website.

What Is Contained In This Report?

Mistakes #1 – #8: Focuses on what you need to do to have a fully functional and up-to-date website.

Mistakes #9 – #13: Focuses on what you need to do to promote your website online along with getting your message out to millions of people worldwide.

Mistakes #14 – #15: Focuses on what you need to have in place when people start visiting your website plus following up with them.

Mistakes #16 – #19: Focuses on your personal and company/organization’s online reputation and integrity.

Mistakes #20 – #21: Guess what …? These are our best-kept secrets!

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